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Bunny Warren, the adrenaline-pumping card game the whole family will love!

Challenge your strategic skills as you collect 4 matching bunny cards to become the ultimate winner.

Perfect for players aged 10 and up, Bunny Warren can be enjoyed by groups of 2-4 players.

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  • 🤔 Strategy Tips: Find answers to common questions and strategies to enhance your game.
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Bunny Warren Card Game Rules

How to play the Bunny Warren Card Game!

1. **Setup:**
- Shuffle cards and place the deck face-down at the center of players.
- Start a discard pile beside the deck.
- Decide who goes first!

2. **Gameplay:**
- Take turns drawing cards from the shuffled deck.
- Discard any black & white cards.
- Collect all bunnies drawn.

3. **Special Cards:**
- **Bunny Bond:** Protects a group of 2 or more same-color bunnies from Carrot and Fox cards.
- **Carrot:** Use to steal a color-group of bunnies from an opponent or save for another turn.
- **Fox:** Use to make an opponent discard their unprotected bunnies. This card must be played immediately.

4. **Objective:**
- Gather 4 bunnies of the same color to form a Warren.
- The first player to build a Bunny Warren wins.

5. **Additional Note:**
- A Bunny Warren is all of one color of Bunny.
Bunny Warren Card Game Helpful Hints

Helpful Hints when playing Bunny Warren!

Did you draw a Carrot Card on your turn? You may Steal any ONE color of Bunny Cards from an opponent and use it to complete your own Bunny Warren!
Did you draw a Bunny Bond Card? If you have 2 or more of the same color of Bunny Cards, you may place the Bunny Bond Card at the top of your Bunny Warren row, and this will protect your Bunnies from other players stealing your bunnies with a Carrot Card.
Do you have a Bunny Warren? A Bunny Warren is all four of one color of Bunny Cards, with or without a Bunny Bond Card. The standard deck has Four different color Bunny Cards, so it is possible to win with up to four Bunny Warrens!